Please read these guidelines before submitting a service listing as a travel expert.

1.) Only list services that you are a personal expert at finding online.

2.) Once submitted our moderations team will contact you and see if you are competent in your field by asking you some travel queries which you will have to find the solutions to.

3.) Once you have answered the questions competently and in full your listing will be activated and you can begin to earn money from your listings.

4.) Our platform fees are 20% of your service listing price.

5.) Please see other listings by our PRO providers for advice on best practices on how to present your listing.

6.) If there is a dispute over your service – i.e you did not deliver. Our moderators will look into the matter and resolve accordingly. Any disputes which are valid will result in the service fee being refunded to the buyer. Refunds can only be requested within a 24 hour window after offer is produced.

7.) Vendors are obliged to be polite at all times and any profanities, bad language or inappropriate behaviour will result in the cessation of your listings and profile with immediate effect.

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